We have thoughtfully designed a series of workshops intended to create opportunities for in-depth exploration of leadership, energy management, self-reflective practices and remaining whole and well while balancing all there is to do.  Our workshops are engaging and interactive while including ample time for individual reflection. 


Check our Events page for upcoming workshops in Toronto or contact us to discuss us facilitating or customizing one specifically for your team.

Exploring Everyday Leadership

This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore what leadership means for you and for the many aspects of your life.  We’ll reflect together and individually on how leadership plays a role in our everyday lives.  Throughout this interactive workshop, we hope to broaden, deepen or shift your perspective on leadership and how it shows up for each of us day-to-day.


Recommended for those curious about exploring leadership with others, for those wanting to engage with and think about leadership in new ways, or for those interested in a foundation on which to build their personal leadership development.

Leadership as a Cultivated Practice

This workshop will build on our reflections from Exploring Everyday Leadership and focus on how we can align our ideas and practices when it comes to being leaders in our everyday lives.  We’ll work through a series of interactive activities, each intending to deepen our understanding of and continue to challenge our stance towards leadership.  By the end of our time together, we hope to play a role in identifying a path for navigating your personal leadership development going forward.


Recommended for those wanting to expand their own reflections as well as engage in deeper group discussion about leadership, and for those wanting to think through leadership as a practice in their everyday lives.

Energy Management

As time management becomes even more crucial these days, knowing how to manage your energy has become an invaluable skill as commitments, projects and priorities pile up and the need for rest and refueling remains. This workshop invites you to take some time to explore what gives you energy, what takes your energy, and how your awareness of these energy flows can help you better manage your time and your goals, all while maintaining your personal wellbeing.


Recommended for those looking to redefine how they're working toward what's important to them, with an emphasis on maintaining momentum, sustaining engagement and finding the joy in the midst of it all.