We work with individuals and small teams to provide coaching services tailored to their needs and preferred coaching style.  Whether we play a supportive, soundboard role to those needing regular check-ins, facilitate a personal strategic planning process for those needing guidance in the way forward, or provide ongoing workplace coaching that includes suggestions for group process or reflection tools to manage whatever situations may arise, we approach coaching with the same values, dedication and care we bring to our group facilitation and workshops.


Contact us to learn more about our coaching services and how we can work together to support you or your small team in meeting your coaching needs.   We are pleased to offer sliding scale rates for more affordable services.

"Staci has a cheerful, grounded and supportive presence and is a very good listener. Her insight is keen and the suggestions she makes reflect a unique combination of meeting me where I'm at and helping me to find a better way forward. As an independent artist, her support is invaluable."

-Tanya Neumeyer, Toronto-based poet who facilitates spoken word workshops for youth and adults


"Staci offers a unique balance of gentle and structured support that allows me to envision my next step and believe it is possible. Her approach is flexible and creative, and her skills in facilitation superb." -Barbara Erochina, Spoken Word Poet, Writer, Community Organizer and Workshop Facilitator