About Us

We are facilitators and process designers interested in creating dialogue that expands the way we understand leadership to include a more holistic approach to the many roles we take on in our daily lives.


We believe that sustainable social change and true leadership require actions consistent with principles that also sustain individual wellbeing. We want to create spaces where people can explore ways of making a positive difference without losing themselves in the process.


Our name, The Leadership Well, represents our belief that wellness and leadership are inextricably linked, as well as symbolizes the need to draw on and renew our innermost resources to lead most effectively.


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Staci Kentish

Staci has been working in the field of community engagement and leadership development for over 8 years.  She shares a passion with Kate for exploring new ideas, facilitating dialogue and finding balance in all things.  In her most recent work, Staci developed and ran programming to build the capacity of and support young community workers in the Toronto area.  Her personal and professional experience has inspired her to co-create The Leadership Well to enable a different kind of conversation about leadership with those who are open to exploring new, more compassionate possibilities.

Kate Bowers

In her work, Kate strives to create dynamic and engaging learning environments where all ideas can be brought forth and explored. She actively seeks new opportunities to create dialogue around the leadership models needed today.  Like Staci, Kate is passionate about expanding the way we understand leadership to include a more holistic approach to work, life, and everything in between. She has been coordinating and facilitating leadership development training for over six years and currently, her work focuses on leadership development programming in a university setting.

Our Values

We work toward excellence. Our standards for our work are high, and our practice is reflective, focused on celebrating achievement and setting new and exciting goals. We feel proud of what we create and let our interest and excitement for opportunities push us forward into new areas of growth and achievement. We strive for risk and development without sacrificing our personal wellbeing.


We work with a sense of creativity and play. Our projects and programs are interesting and fun, open to change and adaptable. We work creatively and adopt creative ways of incorporating a subject into the workshops and programs we offer. We work with an openness and sense of discovery, and are thoughtful and meaningful about why and how we choose our creative ingredients.


We work authentically. We are honest and transparent about who we are, our strengths and our limitations. We try to role model our authenticity and acknowledge the limits and boundaries we have. We approach our work with an appreciation for the wholeness we bring to everything we do, and honour that wholeness through openness to change and by going with the flow of life.

Our Approach

Our facilitative style has been heavily influenced by the many theories, methods and perspectives we've learned and experimented with over the years, as well as our experience in the field, the values we bring to our work and who we are as individuals.

Some of those theories, methods and perspectives include:

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Open Space Technology

  • Technology of Participation (ToP® - The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs)

  • Non-Violent Communication

  • The Courage to Lead (©The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs)

  • Mediation, Communication and Conflict Resolution skills training

  • Principles of diversity, equity and inclusivity

Like the sounds of all of this? Please feel free to get in touch with us as we are always open to hearing about new opportunities to collaborate and work with like-minded individuals.


"Kate and Staci kept the workshop fun and engaging throughout. I left the workshop feeling inspired, and learned new tools to use in navigating my upcoming challenges." - Lindsay Denise, Manager OCAD Student Union



“I liked being able to visualize the future by understanding the present, and taking steps to achieve it.  Being able to break our goals into smaller steps made it easier to see what we needed to do.- Local Chapter President, AIESEC Canada



"Staci has a cheerful, grounded and supportive presence and is a very good listener. Her insight is keen and the suggestions she makes reflect a unique combination of meeting me where I'm at and helping me to find a better way forward. As an independent artist, her support is invaluable." -Tanya Neumeyer, Toronto-based poet who facilitates spoken word workshops for youth and adults



"Staci offers a unique balance of gentle and structured support that allows me to envision my next step and believe it is possible. Her approach is flexible and creative, and her skills in facilitation superb." -Barbara Erochina, Spoken Word Poet, Writer, Community Organizer and Workshop Facilitator